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Niklas is a Berlin-based writer and producer. He graduated from the Fachhochschule des Mittelstandes in 2015 and Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in film- and television production in 2020. In 2021 he founded the production company Uppig Pfeffer with his fellow student and author Jonathan Schwab.

Different movie posters, on the top left you see a hand drawn poster of the silhouette of a boy walking from a dark room into a kitchen or living room. 
On the top right you see a black and white poster with the main title in yellow called "Rooms" in the background there is the forest floor and stumps of different trees. 
On the lower left you can see the poster for the short film called Mr Uppercut. The Poster shows the title in the middle which censored the background where we can see the lower half of a human body with yellow spandex pants and a naked upper body, the floor in the background includes the subtitle of the film: how to be the champion. The poster is handdrawn.
On the bottom right you can see a motor highway upside down. On one side of the road there is a convoy of cars driving forward to the point of view.

During his studies, Niklas worked for the distribution company TOBIS as a script reader, at the 3IT Fraunhofer Institut as a student assistant for new technologies, and Junior Producer for the UFA Fiction. While studying Niklas produced over 13 shorts and one feature film that premiered on several film festivals worldwide.

Niklas is currently developing an adult- animation series called Superhero City News, funded by the German film commission Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. He worked for Paramount Television International Productions as a freelance producer and is currently active as a commissioning editor at ZDF.

Niklas Burghardt at the premiere of Rooms at the venice film festival 2018 on the VR red carpet
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different laurels and award shows where movies of Niklas premiered


2023 Kohlrabenschwarz (Development Producer)

2023 A Thin Line (Development Producer)

2022 The Sheikh (Development Team)

2022 MiniMocks International Season 2 (Commissioning Editor)

2022 Roast Battle Season 5 (Commissioning Editor)

2022 Stand Up 3000 Season 7 (Commissioning Editor)

2021 Roast Battle Season 4 (Commissioning Editor)

2021 MiniMocks International Season 2 (Commissioning Editor)

2021 Was ich eigentlich sagen wollte (Assistant-Editor)

2021 Superhero City News (Co-Creator, Writer, Producer)

2020 Schwester, Schwester (Junior Producer; UFA Fiction)
2020 Life is full of sunshine and beauty - comedy
2019 Autobahn - documentary
2018 Rooms - VR-experience

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10115 Berlin

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